Wind Energy Programs

windmillThe Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) wind energy program focuses on three categories of deployments:  residential, community and commercial scale projects.   Through its various Windswept Grant Programs, educational outreach, and Anemometer Loan Program, MEA provides support to Maryland residents, businesses, government entities and non-profits wishing to install wind energy systems.  The​​se programs will help satisfy Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, requiring 20 percent of Maryland’s electricity to be generated from renewable energy sources by 2022.  

See the information below to determine whether your project is eligible for assistance under the Residential, Commercial or Community Windswept Grant Program.

Community Wind


​MEA defines Community wind as a wind energy project that provides a benefit to the local community. These projects are larger than residential projects, but far smaller than utility scale wind farms. A typical community wind project could be a 750kW turbine providing electricity to an educational institution or a 1MW turbine providing electricity to a local government owned facility.​

To view our Community Wind Webinar, click here

Educational Events

MEA conducts three outreach events per year at locations throughout the State. See event information below to find out when MEA’s Community Wind Outreach will be near you.

Anemometer Loan Program (Community Scale Projects)

Through the Anemometer Loan Program​, potential community wind project sites can obtain measuring devices that quantify and characterize the wind resources at a given location. The Anemometer Loan Program is being administered by Alpha Energy in partnership with MEA.

To apply, please contact Alpha Energy to first determine whether your site would be a viable candidate for the Anemometer Loan Program.

Current Deployments

Competitive Community Windswept Grant Program

At this time, no Community Windswept Grant funding is available. Please check in the future to determine if/when another Community Windswept Grant Program will be released.


Ongoing Commercial and Residential Windswept Grant Program


​MEA offers a Windswept Grant to homeowners, businesses, non-profits and government entities. Windswept grants are calculated based on expected turbine performance at 11 meters per second (approximately 25 miles per hour).

Windswept Grant Program Notes:

  • $3,000 per kilowatt of normalized capacity (normalized system capacity rated at wind speeds of 11 m/s
  • Grant allocation not to exceed $100,000 in total
  • Wind turbine systems up to 750 kW are eligible for a Windswept Grant
  • Eligible systems must be listed below or on either the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC) Unified List of Wind Turbines or the Small Wind Certification Council list of certified turbines. Those lists can be found here:
  • Windswept grants are available to cover a maximum of 50% of the net cost of installation. Net cost is calculated as the installation cost reduced by federal, county or local grants or tax credits.
  • Grants are allocated on a per-property basis. Multiple grants will not be issued for multiple turbines on the same property.

Grant calculations for some common small wind turbines that have already been installed in Maryland are listed below:​

Turbine Manufacturer/ Name
Normalized capacity at 11m/s
Grant Calculation
Bergey Windpower Excel 10
8.9 kW
Endurance Windpower S-250
4.3 kW
Endurance Windpower S-343
5.3 kW
Endurance 50kW 49
49 kW
Gaia GW133-11 kW
14.15 kW
Potomac Wind Energy American Classic 6kW
5.1 kW
Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7
2.2 kW
Wind Turbine Industries Jacobs Model 31-20
17.5 kW
10 kW

Questions and Additional Resources


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