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Garry AimeEnergy Program Manager, Biomass410.537.4097
Brandon BaikEnergy Program Manager, Maryland Smart Energy Communities410.537.4070
Samuel BeirneEnergy Program Manager, Wind & Game Changers410.537.4090
Brenda BloomquistExecutive Assistant to the Director410.537.4134
Meg CefailGrants Administrator410-537-4084
David ComisEnergy Program Manager, Solar, Nuclear & Storage410.537.4000
Landon FahrigEnergy Policy Manager410.537.4000
John FiastroDivision Director of Energy Policy and Legislative Affairs410.537.4067
Dean FisherEnergy Program Manager, Mathias Agriculture & LMI410.537.4068
Michele FranzAdministrative Assistant410-537-4148
Jenn Klima GallicchioAssistant Division Director of Energy Programs410.537.4069
David GiustiEnergy Program Manager, LMI, Mathias Agriculture & Lawton Loans410.537.4072
Michele HonickAssistant Attorney General410.537.4031
Mike JonesEnergy Program Manager, Transportation410.537.4071
Carl LaVerghettaEnergy Policy Advisor410.537.4108
Caitlin MaderaEnergy Program Manager, Commercial & Industrial410.537.4074
Richard MalloryEnergy Program Manager, Natural Gas410.537.4098
Denise McCoskeryOffice Manager410.537.4075
Sondra McLemoreAssistant Attorney General410.537.4062
Jeannine MianulliAdministrative Assistant410.537.4000
Sherrell MooreFinancial Specialist410.537.4091
Kahli NasonGrants Administrator410-537-4059
Ankush NayarAssistant Attorney General 410.537.4076
Ryan OpsalEnergy Policy Manager410.537.4093
Cindy OsortoEnergy Policy Manager, Energy Analyst, EmPOWER 410.537.3682
Kaymie Owen, CMPExternal Communications Manager410.537.4073
Abigail PeryeaGrants Administrator410-537-4063
Chris RiceDivision Director of Energy Programs410.537.4081
Chris RussellEnergy Program Manager, State Buildings & State Agency Loan Program, Building Codes410.537.3031
Ralph O. ScheriniDivision Director of Finance & Administration410.537.4082
Fred ShokenHistorical Preservation Review410.537.4083
Rory SpanglerEnergy Program Manager, Energy Efficiency, CHP, Data Centers, Next Gen EENet Zero, Public Schools Engineering Design Program410.537.4086
Steve TalsonAssistant Attorney General, Principal Counsel410.537.4088
Mary Beth TungDirector410.537.4000
Jessica WakefieldFiscal Officer410.537.4094
Marjorie WarnerAdministrative Assistant / Compliance410.537.4092
Greg WilliamsChief of Staff410.537.4087
VACANTAdministrative Assistant, Support Services410.537.4000
VACANTClean Energy Grants Administrator410.537.4000