Reports and Publications

MarylandResiliencyThroughMicrogridsTaskForceReport_000.pdfMaryland Resiliency Through Microgrids Task Force Report
MEAGeophysicalSurveyReport2013.pdf2013 Geophysical Report Survey
ReporttotheMarylandGeneralAssemblyontheAdministrationProgressCarryingouttheRequirementsofthe.pdfReport to the Maryland General Assembly on the Administration's Progress Carrying out the Requirements of the Act Concerning Regulated Sustainable Energy Contract Program
SB481TaxHolidayandTaxCreditTaskForce.pdfSB481 Tax Holiday/Tax Credit Task Force
TRECTaskForceReport-Filed-.pdfReport of the Thermal Energy Task Force
EmPOWERMDandtheRegionalGreenhouseGasInitiative.pdfEmPOWER MD and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
FY15_SEIF_Annual_Report.pdfFY15 SEIF Annual Report
FY15_Energy_Storage_Report.pdfFY15 Energy Storage Report
FY16SEIF-Final12_30_16.pdfFY16 SEIF Annual Report
FY17 SEIF Annual Report.pdfFY17 SEIF Annual Report
A Maryland Consumers Guide to Solar.pdfA Maryland Consumers Guide to Solar
FY18 SEIF Annual Report.pdfFY18 SEIF Annual Report
FY19 SEIF Annual Report.pdfFY19 SEIF Annual Report
FY20 SEIF Report Volume 1 Final.pdfFY20 SEIF Report Volume 1 Final
FY20 SEIF Report Volume 2 Final.pdfFY20 SEIF Report Volume 2_Final
MEA Report on Electric Vehicles.pdfMaryland Report on Electric Vehicles
Alternative Resource Adequacy Structures for Maryland Final Brattle Study March 2021.pdfAlternative Resource Adequacy Structures for Maryland Final Brattle Study March 2021