Become Your Organization's Energy Efficiency Champion: "Getting to 'Yes' for Energy Efficiency"


Energy efficiency improvements offer building owners, tenants, and occupants many benefits, including energy savings, financial savings, an increase in building valuation, and improved comfort.

Unfortunately, many energy efficiency projects are not implemented despite the availability of utility rebate programs and even affordable capital. Making a persuasive business case to convince skeptical decision-makers to invest time and money can be challenging and usually requires broad support from within an organization.

Successful completion of a project requires:

  • A dedicated Champion able to relate energy efficiency to an organization's mission and goals.
  • A strong team that understands and supports the project and will benefit from its implementation.
  • Solid arguments for the business case based on benefits of energy efficiency.
  • An understanding of how to pay for the upgrades.
  • Access to key resources.

MEA and Catalyst Financial Group, Inc., have prepared a business case guide to help organizations overcome common organizational and financial hurdles to implementing energy efficiency projects. This Guide offers a variety of tools and resources for energy efficiency Champions to develop their own strategies to get to "yes."

Download the Guide as a PDF. (You will need a PDF reader to view the Guide.)

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