Maryland Smart Energy Communities

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Program Description:  The Maryland Smart Energy Communities (MSEC) program is designed to support local governments as they voluntarily adopt energy policies (and commit to them for the long term) leading to sustained reduction in energy usage, cost savings, and additional opportunities for renewable energy development.


Program Purpose:  The MSEC program serves several purposes: it assists municipal and county governments throughout Maryland as they participate in the State’s transition to affordable, clean and reliable energy; it supports those governments with grants for clean energy projects; it increases in-state renewable energy generation (that supports the State’s renewable portfolio standard goal and its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal); and, it supports the State’s goal for increasing the number of electric vehicles operating in state.


Type of Program:  The MSEC program is a competitive grant program.


Program Application Deadline:  5 p.m. EST on November 12, 2021


Anticipated Program Budget:  MEA anticipates that up to $1,030,000 total will be available as follows: up to $585,000 for energy efficiency projects, up to $347,500 for Tier 1 renewable energy projects, and up to $97,500 for transportation petroleum-reduction projects.

For more information, please see the Funding Opportunity Announcement below.


Program Documents:


       MSEC_FY22_FOA_FINAL.pdfMSEC FY22 Funding Opportunity Announcement 

       MSEC_FY22_Existing_Community_Application_FINAL.docxMSEC FY22 Existing Community Application

       MSEC_FY22_New_Community_Application_FINAL.docxMSEC FY22 New Community Application


       MSEC_FY22_Deadlines_FINAL.pdfMSEC FY22 Deadlines

       MEA’s General Provisions for grant agreements


For more information, contact MEA regarding the MSEC program by email at msec.mea@maryland.gov or by phone at 443.694.3358 to speak with Briggs Cunningham, the MSEC program manager.

See ​the MSEC Fiscal Year 2020 & 2021​ full lists of awardees.


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