State Agency Loan Program

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During the most recent session of the Maryland General Assembly, 
House Bill 170 (Chapter 135 of the Acts of the General Assembly of 2019) was passed which will expand the list of eligible borrowers for the Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan program to include state agencies, as well as enable energy improvements of structures used primarily for religious or fraternal activities to be potentially eligible to participate.  This legislation took effect on June 1, 2019. 

Starting in fiscal year 2020, state agencies will be able to apply for energy efficiency loans through the expanded Lawton program, as will all other eligible Lawton borrowers. All borrowers, including State agencies, are requested to use the Lawton Loan Program application form. That form, plus more information on the expanded Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan program, is found on the ​
Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program webpage. 

For more information, e-mail Christopher Russell at or call 410-537-3031.

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The Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) contributes to Maryland's Smart, Green & Growing initiatives. MEA contributes funds to participating EP​Cs, and issues efficiency improvement loans through its SALP program.​​​​