Transportation Incentives

Please note, the Maryland Energy Administration is currently developing our suite of fiscal year 2021 programs which will be launched as they are developed. For updates, please email us to join our newsletter, follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) or bookmark this page or our News page. All programs are subject to available funds.​


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program

Grants & Loans

Alternative Fuels Tax Credit (INACTIVE)

Receive federal income tax credits for the installation of alternative fuel systems. Inactive program ​

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP) (INACTIVE)

Supports the development of public access, alternative fuel refilling/charging infrastructure in the state of Maryland. Inactive program. Inactive program

​Clean Fuels Incentive Program​ (CFIP) ​Reduces consumption of imported petroleum by providing incentives for both publicly accessible alternative fuel infrastructure and alternative fuel fleet vehicles
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program  ​Through the program, residents, governments and businesses can acquire a state rebate for purchasing and installing an electric vehicle charging station, known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). 
Maryland Freedom Fleet Voucher Program (INACTIVE) ​MEA will provide financial assistance for the purchase of new and converted alternative fueled vehicles registered in the state of Maryland. Inactive program ​​

Tax Credits

Alternative Fuels Tax Credit (INACTIVE)

Electric Vehicle Excise Tax Credit (MVA)​